Venom Unleashed On Los Santos in This 'GTA V' Mod - Bloody Disgusting
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Venom Unleashed On Los Santos in This ‘GTA V’ Mod



JulioNIBs ongoing work on a mod for GTA V, that lets you play as everybody’s favorite symbiote with a penchant for lobster, is really picking up steam, and the latest version of it really shows off Venom’s power and agility. It’s still very much a work-in-progress so the animation is still quite stiff, but the heart of what you’d expect from Venom is clearly present. So he swings, rampages, and bites people with extreme prejudice.

You can check out the mod in the video below.

GTA has had its fair share of comic book character mods over the years, from a Liberty City-trashing hulk to The Flash zipping round Blaine County. Venom has shown up before in Ultimate and classic forms, but this movie-style Venom is relatively new by comparison. If this one keeps progressing as well as it has so far then it’ll be a firm favorite to jump about Los Santos with, causing chaos when it does eventually get a full release for the public.


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