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Bizarre Changes to ‘Hidden 3D’ Cast and Crew

A bunch of odd updates regarding E1 Entertainment’s Hidden 3D, the first Italian-made 3D feature. We’ve now learned that Antoine Thomas stepped into the director’s chair, replacing Mariano Baino (who wrote the screenplay, yet for some reason isn’t being credited). Sean Clement (“Fringe”), Simonetta Solder, Jordan Hayes (House at the End of the Street), Jason Blicker, Bjanka Murgel have all been cast in the film now in post-production. The English-language horror/thriller is about an abandoned experimental medical center that harbors a deadly secret. It only becomes known when a restoration project begins. Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, who you might remember from Demons 2, Terror at the Opera and Dario Argento’s The Phantom of the Opera, is no longer listed on IMDB as writer or star. I seriously want to know what the heck happened.



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