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New Screens And A Possible Demo Revealed For Resident Evil: Revelations

As we all mentally prepare ourselves for our return to a more horrifying Resident Evil when Revelations releases on February 7, some new details have come out regarding the creatures we’ll be fighting and the possibility of a demo. The monsters definitely rank up there in the what-the-fuck-is-that category that Resident Evil 4’s Regenerators fell into — seriously, those things terrified me — so that’s good for a game that promises a return to the series’ roots in survival horror.

Most of these things look like they were ripped from Silent Hill; the Ooze in particular is something I could easily picture lurking in a foggy alley. Head past the break some details on a possible demo and a look at some of the ass-ugly creatures we’ll be fighting when Revelations hits next month. First off, there’s a distinct possibility that we’ll be able to get our anxious fingers on a Revelations demo. Christian Svensson, Senior Vice-President at Capcom took to the Capcom Unity message boards to discuss the possibility.

“A RE: Revelations demo for NA and Europe is coming.

In the case of NA, we’re awaiting our date confirmation and code approval from NOA (we have a tentative from them, but I’ll have to keep you in suspense).

When we have something more concrete to share, you won’t be able to miss it on the Capcom-Unity blog.” Svensson said.

Good thing too, because I’d like to practice my girlish scream for when I come across one of those fantastically creepy new enemies. You can really get to know them by visiting the Revelations website, but if that’s too much work you can always check out some screens of these sexy beasts below.

Source: Capcom Unity & Resident Evil JP




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