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House at the End of the Street’ Will ‘Probably’ Be PG-13

It’s looking now like upcoming horror/thriller House at the End of the Street – described as being to Psycho what Disturbia was to Rear Window – will likely be tagged with a not-so-hardcore ‘PG-13’ rating, according to lead actor Max Thieriot. We asked the young thesp about the project during our chat with him surrounding last Friday’s release of My Soul to Take – in which he also stars – and here’s what he had to say about the rating…
I think it’ll probably be PG-13, but it’s…like most thrillers and stuff, people die in the film. There is death. But it’s very psychological. Really, really, psychological. And it always keeps you thinking, always on your toes. There’s definitely a lot of stuff that will keep people scared and on their toes and on the edge of their seat the entire time.

In other words, like Disturbia we can probably expect House at the End of the Street (doesn’t it sound like a ’70s exploitation movie?) to be more “teen-friendly” thriller than hardcore horror film. Nevertheless, the plot does sound intriguing, and it’s got a great cast, including Elisabeth Shue, Gil Bellows, and Jennifer Lawrence (who recently won raves for her performance in this year’s Winter’s Bone). Thieriot plays the character of Ryan Jacobson, who lives by himself in the house where his parents were murdered.

There’s a mystery going on about [who killed them]“, said Thieriot. “And Jennifer Lawrence moves next door with her mom. The town is kind of against me, they think I’m crazy and all this stuff…then [Jennifer Lawrence’s character] and I kind of form this relationship in the movie, and basically everything goes crazy after that point.

They wrapped the film about a month ago, and Thieriot indicated we can possibly expect a summer 2011 release.



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