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‘No Trace’ of Logic in 3-D POV Horror Pic

Well this should be interesting… Silverado Studios later this year will start shooting Chad Cruchley’s No Trace, a horror flick using the POV style that has actors holding cameras and chronicling the action documentary style, as in Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. But the kicker is that it’s filming in 3-D. Yikes. “This is something that’s literally never been done before” in a POV film, says Torrey Loomis, Silverado’s founder, obviously not thinking ahead. Loomis and his associates have figured out a way to attach three small cameras on helmets to be worn by actors and, for about $4,000 per rig, create quality 3-D footage that normally requires heavy cameras costing up to a half-million dollars each. “It’s a creature feature,” Cruchley says of the film. A group of researchers investigate an anomaly in a national forest and “come to find out there’s a monster there,” he says. Filming begins in December in El Dorado County. The film should be wrapped a few months later. Audiences could be vomiting by next year. Bam.



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