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‘Dead Perros’ Combines ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and Spanish B-Movies

It was announced that Spanish producer Antonia Nava has inked with Telespan 2000 to produce zombie actioner Dead Perros, to be helmed by Koldo Serra (Backwoods). In Perros, a small-time juvenile gangster, Cocacolo, flees south with his gang after a Barcelona bank heist. Double-crossed and abandoned in the middle of nowhere, he join forces with a Spanish family to battle a zombie outbreak, sparked by the locals’ consumption of adulterated rapeseed oil. Serra co-wrote Perros with Carlos Garcia Miranda, who penned smash hit TV skein El Internado. It will star Spanish heartthrob Hugo Silva. Nava said Perros plays like From Dusk Till Dawn meets Spanish B movies — especially the 70s-80s sub-genre of “quinqui” movies, featuring mop-haired, drug-addled criminals, still only in their teens. According to Nava, budget is around E4 million ($5.6 million).



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