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‘Apollo 18’ Viral Seeks the “Truth”

On the eve of the start of production, Dimension Films continues to unroll viral awesomeness into the world surrounding their mysterious Apollo 18. This evening we received an e-mail from a one Tyler Gordon, who launched his new blog dedicated “to an amazing man, and his even more amazing stories. Major James Gordon, Ret. USAF. Pilot, astronaut… and my uncle.” The site is called, where Tyler will write about all things related to the space program. “I write pretty regularly about the space industry and speculate about the mystery surrounding the Apollo missions, and why man hasn’t returned to the moon in nearly 40 years.” Speaking of not having been to the moon in 40 years, some think we’ve never been. Apollo 18 kicks off my 31st birthday celebration on March 4, 2011. Getting old sucks.
Watch the newly launched official website, visit Twitter and Facebook pages.

Apollo 18



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