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‘Isolation’ Director Joins ‘Creeping Zero’ Crew!

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since Billy O’Brien‘s incredible Irish horror Isolation was released. Thankfully, O’Brien is prepping a June shoot for Creeping Zone, a new action-scifi-horror masher that will star Attack the Block‘s John Boyega and Chronicle‘s Ashley Hinshaw. Rounding out the cast are Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes), Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”, Lord of the Rings) and Adam Deacon (“Dead Set”). Julie Baines of Dan Films produces.

Bloody Disgusting, along with Twitch have all been supplied with a different exclusive piece of concept art from the hotly anticipated feature. Our piece, by Chris Rosewarne, whose other credits include Skyfall, A Good Day To Diehard, Dark Shadows and Silent Hill 2, enters the “Fumati Zone”. Check it out after the break.

Here’s the official plot crunch: “The year is 2023 and the world is divided into two tribes – normal humans like us and those nicknamed the Blanks. Through a genetic defect, the Blanks have been born without proper facial features.

A new terrorist group is threatening the status quo. An extremist group of Blanks called the FUMATI can attack and kill anywhere and then disappear back into the population. Using hi-tech devices, they slip through security disguised as their victims. Now it is difficult to know who is the enemy and who is a friend.

Fear stalks the population.

Lenny (John Boyega) is part of the Creeping Zero crew, a security outfit tasked with hunting down the elusive Fumati. He is in love with Camille (Ashley Hinshaw) another member of the CZ squad. But in a full-on Fumati attack, she is snatched and disappears into the night.

Lenny quits the crew and goes in search of Camille. But soon the hunter becomes the hunted when he discovers the shocking truth about this conflict.



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