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Toho Leaves Two Giant Footprints: Japanese and American ‘Godzilla’ for 2012?

It looks as if the Japanese Godzilla and American Godzilla could be doing battle once again. According to a new article at the Pittsburgh Examiner, rights holder Toho has listed their own personal Godzilla movie for release in theaters December 2012. What’s odd is that Toho opted to put Godzilla on hiatus for ten years. Born in 1954, Toho retired Godzilla in 2004 on his fiftieth anniversary and declared no Godzilla movies would be made until 2014. On the other spectrum, Toho gave Legendary and Warners the rights to develop their own remake (now to be directed by Monsters genius Gareth Edwards), which was supposed to take the place of the Japanese version. According to the Examiner, Toho has yet to drop plans for their international Godzilla. Confused? Here: As of this writing, December 2012 will see the release of both a Japanese and American Godzilla movie. I’m spitting fire in excitement!



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