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Jim ‘Bobby’ Beaver Hints At Upcoming ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural fan favorite Bobby Singer (actor Jim Beaver) kicked off things at Creation’s Salute to Supernatural convention happening this weekend in Los Angeles, and he spilled minor details about an upcoming episode. Fans of this season’s “Weekend At Bobby’s”, an episode largely focused on the man himself (as well as sometime partner Rufus played by X-Files‘ Steven Williams) will be happy to know that an upcoming episode (6.16 to be exact) will reveal further information about the history of the two characters. However, Beaver stresses that there is no “Young Bobby” actor, and it’s not a flashback. He wouldn’t reveal any more (“I’ll get fired!”) so you’ll just have to tune in to find out! Supernatural airs Fridays at 9 on the CW, and for my money it’s one of the best horror shows of all time – if you haven’t watched it yet, check them out on DVD and thank me later! The convention continues tomorrow (Sunday) – if you’re a fan and in the area you should definitely come on down; Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will be in attendance!



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