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Cronenberg-esque Short ‘Haselwurm’



Haselwurm is a short fantasy/horror film inspired on the one hand by some mythical stories of the region of Trentino, Italy, on the other hand by the narrative literature of Howard Philip Lovecraft. The main characters are a woman and a man striving to unveil a mystery as old as the mountains where the story is set. With the recklessness of a rifle shot, they make the mistake of killing a creature unlike any other. The consequences of this reckless act will soon reveal themselves and the price will be high …

A man and a woman kill a mythical creature. The reasons are unknown and remain unknown, but they probably lie in the fabled magical properties that the creature is said to give to whom manages to eat it. The man shows immediately the effects of the bite of the beast and the woman is forced to drag him in a makeshift shelter. Night falls. After struggling to calm the pain of the companion, the woman finds herself talking to herself, recalling the powers of the Haselwurm, until sleep comes. When she wakes up, the woman realizes that she cannot abandon the creature’s body and runs to the place of the horrible crime. Meanwhile, the man begins to suffer the most incredible metamorphosis. The story ends with the woman discovering that Haselwurm has disappeared and that the man has turned into a new creature, perhaps a reincarnation of the killed animal. Now, she must take care to pay for the hurt done to nature and to the mystery that has always lived among these mountains…


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