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Italian Horror Takes Over Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

UK-based sales company One Eyed Films first Italian ghost-movie from producer Gabriele Albanesi (The Last House in the Woods, Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show), Italian Ghost Stories (Fantasmi), will have its U.S premiere at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival on June 4, while Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show will be screened on June 5 and June 14.

Ghost Stories (Fantasmi) is an anthology horror directed by up and coming Italian talents, a new wave of directors inspired by the Italian aesthetic and narrative from the ’70s classic cinema. Talent includes: Andrea Gagliardi, Roberto Palma, Stefano Prolli, Tommaso Agnese, Omar Protani, Marco Farina and Nicola Lazzerotti.

In Gabriele Albanesi’s Ubaldo: “Alessio Rinaldi, a 25-year-old director, gets the charge from a producer to write the script of his first movie with Ubaldo Terzani, a well-known writer of horror novels. Alessio moves into Terzani’s house to start this collaboration, and a strange relationship of psychological dependence grows between them: Ubaldo Terzani unveils his dark side, and Alessio fall in a desperate depth of craziness and nightmares. There is a reason why Terzani’s bestsellers are so frightening … Alessio will discover that reality can be unexpectedly more terrifying than every brainchild, and he will have to fight hard to escape Ubaldo Terzani’s jaws.

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