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Paco Plaza Wants to Pitch Jaume Balaguero an Idea for [REC] 5

Back in 2009 horror fans were treated to one of the best horror film of the best ten years, Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza’s found footage zombie flick (at the time) [REC]. In just a few years there’s already been the U.S. remake, Quarantine, and the just released [REC] 2.

While many of us are just getting our first taste of the sequel, Plaza has already finished up a second sequel, [REC 3]: Genesis, which is now in post-production, while Balaguero is in pre-production on his prequel, [REC] 4: Apocalypse .

Originally they had stated this would wrap the franchise up, ending a half-decade of excellence. Filmax must be cheering in excitement because Plaza dropped a bomb on Twitter. Here’s a very poor translation of what @paco_plaza said to @ jbalaguero: “by the way, yesterday I saw an idea for REC3 REC5 but can perfectly serve REC4. Cortadin and I’ll tell you.

From what I read, Plaza has an idea for a fifth film that would serve both sequels well, and that he wants to pitch it to Balaguero. Having not seen the third or fourth film, it’s hard to get THAT excited, but it’s still nice to see just how far ahead their thinking…



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