TV: "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Premiere's A Long One, Season Split - Bloody Disgusting
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TV: “The Walking Dead” Season 2 Premiere’s A Long One, Season Split



The Season 2 premiere of megahit The Walking Dead will net you an extra 30 (22, really) minutes of zombie action. Also, you’re gonna have to cool your heels for a bit halfway through.

Per Deadline, “the network announced that, just like Season 1 did, the second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ will launch with a 90-minute premiere episode. It will once again kick off AMC’s two-week long Fearfest on Sunday, Oct, 16. The 13-episode second season will be split in 2: 7 episodes airing in the fall and the remaining 6 launching Feb. 12.”

Hopefully this time out they can start strong and stay there. If not, they’re giving Kevin Smith his own show, a horrifying prospect in its own right.


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