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TV: Teddy Sears Added To “American Horror Story” Cast

I’m not sure that I know much more about “American Horror Story” than any of the rest of you, but the imagery has me intrigued. It’s fairly creepy with a vibe that kind of evokes “Twin Peaks” and it would be nice to have a horror-centric drama on the air that wasn’t as campy as “True Blood”.

But with Ryan Murphy at the helm, I’m just not sure. The guy seems talented enough, but his voice seems to be increasingly clouded by his megalomania. Will he be able to reign in his flashier impulses and concentrate on story? I guess we’ll find out in the weeks following the show’s October 5th premiere.

Per Deadline, Teddy Sears has been cast in a recurring role opposite Zachary Quinto on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s new FX horror series American Horror Story. He will play the partner of Quinto’s gay character and co-owner with him of the haunted house that the show revolves around. Their story arks kicks off in the show’s two-part Halloween episode.”

Here’s that weird little teaser again.



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