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[News Bites] The Sequel: Is This ‘Godzilla’? Is This the ‘Prometheus’ Trailer? ‘The Fly’ Sequel?

Were not gonna hit-whore and waste your time, so we’ve compiled a stack of odds and ends, with most being unconfirmed.

First, website Infamous Kidd has an unconfirmed story claiming to know the new look of Godzilla, which is to be directed by Monsters‘ Gareth Edwards. The site reports that Hector A. Arce, a creature/fantasy sculptor, is part of the design team for Legendary’s film. I’d take it as a grain of salt, but they also claim Warners reboot will also feature Godzilla as a man in a rubber suit, with the head controlled by animatronics, and any touch-ups needed for the final film will then fall upon CGI. Grain. Of. Salt. Check out the what they’re supposedly basing it off of inside.

STYD has two minor news bites with the first being that David Cronenberg has written a sequel to The Fly, instead of a reboot, adding that he “don’t know if that’s going to really happen, but that has to do with Fox.

They also caught up with The Thing director Matthijs van Heijningen who was once attached to Army of the Dead for Zack Snyder. He explains that an inflated budget and collapse of wallstreet caused the plug to be pulled by Warner Bros. What did we miss out on? “We had crazy zombies raping human females making hybrid zombies and stuff, it was just nasty,” he tells STYD.

Lastly, fan-site Prometheus-Movie caught a fan on Twitter who claimed to have seen Twentieth Century Fox’s Prometheus (in theaters June 8, 2012 from Ridley Scott) trailer at a Nielson kiosk in Denver. Read on to see what he claims to have seen.
It was nearly 2 minutes long and looked fairly polished and complete. It was using a temp track for music and the trailer was VERY similar to the original teaser for ALIEN the way is was cut together. Quick shot after another. Had a couple a lines of dialog I think but is was hard to hear since my lobby was a bit noisy.

The planet they showed in the trailer looked nothing like original one where the derelict was crashed. It was sunny and desert like in appearance. The space suits the characters were wearing were VERY similar to the original suits worn by the crew of the Nostromo. The interior shots of their ship looked clean and not used like the the NOSTROMO did. It was all new and shiny looking. I did not see an exterior shot of the derelict ship but there were some really quick shots of the inside like the jockey, another room that looked like were the jockey was but without it, the room with the eggs but there were no eggs in it. There were some quick shots of the crew walking in the same “halls” that Kane and Dallas walked in as well in the derelict ship. But these things were hitting the screen so fast, it was hard to process all the information. Some of the crew look were in medical/cryo-tubes with something moving in their abdomens not their chests. Their eyes also appeared to be completely black and the faces altered I think. The end of the trailer ended with the title forming much like the ALIEN title did in the original movie at the top of the screen.

Pictured below is Hector A. Arce’s “Godzilla” sculpt that is said to be used as the basis for Legendary Pictures and Warners upcoming reboot.



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