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[Random Cool] Sexy Halloween Costumes, Haunted House Fight, Sweet Shirts & a Free Comic from the CDC!!



I seriously can’t believe how many awesome horror-themed viral goods are floating around the Web. This week I’ve compiled more than I can possibly handle, but feel the need to start with the above cartoon (courtesy of Explosm) that depicts the greatest Halloween costume of all-time. It’s not just that it’s a Human Centipede costume, it’s the incredibly payoff to trick or treating while wearing it. Who gets all the candy? The head, of course…

Inside you’ll find our new edition of [Random Cool] that’s overflowing with magic from a free zombie survival comic book from the CDC to hilarious “sexy” Halloween costumes, random horror t-shirts, a video featuring “Bloody Mary’s” replacement, and even a zombie Steve Jobs (too soon?) Karmaloop has teamed up with HarperCollins publishers to bring back chilling childhood fears with this dark and disturbing collection of t-shirts. Each shirt features a different surreal illustration from the popular ’80s and ’90s children’s books series by Alvin Schwartz, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”, “More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and “Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones”. Vivid illustrations from the original books are reproduced with frightening beauty and realism in each of seven unisex T-Shirt designs. Each t-shirt is a soft, antiqued white 100% cotton Alternative Apparel shirt.

Remember when we reported on the CDC’s hilarious manual on how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Well, they’re back again this Halloween with a free comic book entitled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic“. You can download it here!

If you click over to Lee Hardcastle’s YouTube Channel you’ll find a serious of claymation animated shorts that range from music videos to Shaun of thr Dead in 60-seconds.

Flickr user Razcity is offering up a Halloween treat for one day only. “The Monster Mash-Up” is an homage to the classic horror films we’d watch as a kid. Shirt will be available for purchase from Shirt Punch! on Halloween Day. What other day could it possibly go on sale? Limited to 24 hours availability of the shirt and then it’s gone – forever. Yes, forever-ever. Mark your calendar Oct. 31st. It will only be $10.

Too Soon? Zombie Steve Jobs street art was spotted on Broom Street and West Broadway, Soho, New York. Image comes courtesy of Tumblr.

Speaking of the undead (and possibly in bad taste), check out this creepy and disgusting piece of art created by DE. Entitled “Zombie’s Worst Nightmare”. I think you get the joke, or so I hope.

Below is a hilarious short from “Colbert” writer Frank Lesser who is promoting his new book “Sad Monsters” with a series of videos. “Bloody Murray,” on display below, focuses on how the recession impacts “Bloody Mary”. I wanna be payed in eyeballs…

Speaking of hilarious, check out this dog crap now on DVD from Anchor Bay: The Dog Who Saved Halloween. It’s like Home Alone meets a bag of garbage starring Dean Cain and Lance Henriksen. It’s almost as amazing(ly bad) as Spooky Buddies.

“Creature”, a fabulous painting by Robert Bowen, is now available as a print. The painting will be on display at the upcoming Monster Show at Project One in San Francisco that opens on October 19.

CNN reports on Haunted House promoters starting fights with other promoters. They’re all dicks. An alleged shove has turned into an all-out war on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts. Video below.

Random, and not all that funny, below you can watch a scare prank featuring the character Skeksis from Dark Crystal.

Last and probably the best is Jillian Tamaki‘s sketchbook of sexy haloween costume ideas, which include some hilarious gems like “Sexy Smelly Old Gym Sock.”


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