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[Random Cool] Halloween Madness!

It toally sucks that Halloween is on a Monday, but at least that gives us FOUR full days to celebrate. While us horror fans have been shunned for years, the internet is proving that everyone is a huge fan of Halloween. It’s sort of like a big kick in the face to the haters, and I love it.

With the holiday landing next Monday, the Web is a buzz with so many random holiday-themed treats that we continue to compile and share with you dear readers. Each [Random Cool] article destroys one of my mornings, but holy great pumpkin is it worth it Charlie Brown.

We kick off this edition of [Random Cool] with the above video that shows what it would be like if Wes Abderson directed Scream. Inside you’ll find all sorts of goodies from how to make horror treats to a pug wearing vampire teeth (it’s actually pretty hilarious). This Flickr user has posted the following image of “The Most Most Famous and Infamous Vampires!” Can you name all of them? Fans can purchase a print at Society 6.

Designer Kim-lan Cornell of Sock Monkey Drawer has released her 2011 line of one-of-a-kind handmade “Spooky Sock Monkeys“. From an angry straitjacket-wrapped monkey named Cy to one-eyed sock monster named Triclops, there are 8 designs total, but only one of each design available for purchase. – Laughing Squid

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has made a fun and visually digusting Halloween food project called “Edible Thing in a Jar“. Detailed instructions on what foods they used for maximum gross-out value and how to properly put the jars together are available. – Laughing Squid

Meet Aunt Creepy, a woman from Germany who could have used a family member to take her to therapy. “Ortrud, known to her friends as ‘Orty’, has been collecting model clowns for over 15 years, and in that time amassed 2,053 different models. The collection is so large that Ortrud has had to move to a larger flat to accommodate them, and even set up her own museum at her home in Essen, Germany. Ortrud goes to sleep each evening with hundreds of clowns smiling back at her.” Terrifying.

The best party of the year is over and has me jealous beyond belief — at least there’s ncredible photos to document its existence. Taking place in Ney York City, click here for a blast of images from this years “Hallowmeme” extravoganza! I’m jelous of the couple below, I spent way too much time and money on my costume…

Not Martha is providing instructions on how to create “Zombie Head Cheese“. Click here to also learn how to bake Spider Cake, Tentacle Pot Pie, Meat Hand and Skulls Cake! Now I wanna go to your party…

For Halloween this year, photographer Tyler Card decided to made a giant “Nikon DSLR Costume“, reports PetaPixel. Not just any DSLR costume, mind you, but a fully functional one. The camera actually takes pictures when the shutter release button is pressed, and the photograph is displayed on the giant LCD screen on the back. The built-in flash also works, and the camera is even capable of triggering Alienbees strobes. The giant camera body is made out of cardboard and a five gallon bucket. A Nikon DSLR was then placed into the camera and connected to the LCD screen and giant shutter button.

Geekologie has discovered a homemade “Crawling R/C Car Zombie“. The way it moves is just…terrifying. I’d love to drive one of this suckers down the street and terrify all the children and their parents — at least until one of them stomps it to death.

Want to scar your kid for life? Below is a video of a family that gives their daughter the scare of her life. Not cool. Or is it?

As teased in the intro, below is a hilarious video featuring a pug with vampire teeth. Poor dog, lucky us…

Next up is a spoof video entitled “Zombie Tramp: Nude Photo Shoot for P.E.T.A.“, directed by Steve wOlsh. It’s kinda not work safe, and kinda sexy, and kinda not, and… I’m going to a shrink.

The Mummy Meets Human Resources” from Awkward Spaceship: It’s a rough day at the Monster Company for The Mummy. Written by Dave Urlakis. Directed by Dave Urlakis and Zack Whittington. Starring Lee Russell and Dave Urlakis.

Here we have a new cartoon from Stream.pleated-jeans entitled “The Halloween Candy Conundrum“.

Lasltly, and my personal favorite is “Sleeping Beauty, Zombie Style“. Courtesy of Shira-Chan.



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