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A Full Nest Of Updates On ‘Birdemic 2: The Resurrection 3D’!

Confession. I’ve never seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror. I’ve always meant to, but it just kept slipping off my radar. But the more I learn about it or am reminded of it – i.e. looking it up again before posting this – the more I’m convinced I need to see it.

And if I like it it looks like I won’t have long until my 2nd fix as it seems that Birdemic 2: The Resurrection has been cast up and is well on its way towards filming.

Per Dread Central, “As rumored earlier we can now confirm that both Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore have officially signed on to reprise their characters along with many other familiar characters from Half Boon Bay that are set to return. While showing off his mastery of the romantic thriller director James Nguyen will be introducing two new characters as well, and while we can’t drop the plot bombshell we learned of on you guys just yet, we can tell you that Nguyen has raised the stakes this time and you, my fellow sickos, are in for one hell of a crazed and very romantic experience. Filming officially kicks off on February 4th.

Hit the jump for another look at the sales poster. Birdemic 2



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