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Maybe Now We’ll Know What Happened In ‘The Tunnel’



The Tunnel

The team behind the super bland Australian horror film The Tunnel is now in development on sequel The Tunnel: Dead-End. The project has just received funding from Screen Australia.

The story will pick up the story years later as Tangles’ sister tries to find out what happened to her brother in the tunnels.” Too bad the viewers of the first film also don’t even know what happened as everything happens offscreen. I can only hope they truly delve into what actually happened down in those tunnels.

Distracted Media’s Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey are also going to use The Tunnel’s crowdfunding model (a 135k Project) to help finance sci-fi thriller Airlock, which it says is the vein of Alien. Hopefully this time they’ll give investors more than a ridiculous DVD or “frame from the movie” (ROFL)…


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