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Stage: Chloe Sevigny Burned At The Stake In ‘Abigail/1702’

We don’t really cover stage performances here on Bloody, but the following is actually kind of cool, and could easily be translated to the big screen if successful. Not to mention, it will star Chloe Sevigny (pictured below; Zodiac, American Beauty, who is almost guaranteed to get naked.

Deadline reports that Sevigny will play Abigail Williams in Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s new play “Abigail/1702,” which will premiere at New York Stage and Film this summer. The David Esbjornson-directed production will run June 27-July 8.

The play is a supernatural suspense thriller set 10 years after the infamous Salem witch trials. Believing herself responsible for the deaths of 20 innocent people, Abigail is now living in Boston under an assumed name, caring for the sick, and struggling to atone for her sins — both the ones history remembers her for and the darker ones in her heart. When she starts to fall in love with a young sailor in her care, a chilling, diabolical figure from Abigail’s past comes calling…and demands her soul as recompense for her crimes, sending the woman on one final, terror-filled quest for redemption back into the dark, haunted woods of Salem.

The playwright met Sevigny and they became friends when they worked on Big Love, discovering they shared a mutual love of horror and the supernatural. Aguirre-Sacasa was one of the architects who helped repair “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” which became a Broadway hit after the roughest start a musical has had.



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