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Horror Writer Jamie Delano Turns To Kickstarter To Fund New Graphic Novel ‘Shadow Of Dixie’

Horror writer Jamie Delano (“Hellblazer”) has turned to KickStarter to help fund his new graphic novel Shadow Of Dixie with art by Luca Cicchitti. “Shadow Of Dixie” is a historical fiction graphic novel that deals with family rivalries, government secrecy, and the Alabama State House. Delano is hoping to secure $22,000 in funding to help pay for artwork and production costs to self-publish the book. You can snag a copy for as little as $10. Check out the details after the break.

Here’s their pitch…

SHADOW OF DIXIE is the story of wannabe Alabama politico Jim Faulkner’s rise and fall in the Alabama State House when he shakes loose some family skeletons and finds himself sucked into the Utopian governor’s radical ploy to secede the state from a crippled USA. In the process, he unleashes savage family rivalries and the inevitable military opposition of the Federal Government, which, unsurprisingly, is not enchanted by their quest for independence.

“I’ve been fascinated by secession talk in recent years coming out of other states, and thought it would be an interesting backdrop to explore themes of nepotism, racism, and separatism in the context of a modern political thriller, and my co-author Jamie Delano agreed,” says Alabama native, Scott O. Brown. “The opportunities provided by Kickstarter allow us to pursue our creative vision with the direct support of our readers who are invested in the project, and I thank you all in advance for that support.”

“In the forefront of my mind when writing over the years has been the idea that a personal contract exists between creator and reader–an emotional deal which is pre-eminent over the commercial compact made with a traditional publisher,” adds Jamie Delano. “Having recently written and independently published a novel, I am attracted by the democratic aspect of direct funding for projects offered by facilities such as Kickstarter. In my opinion, SHADOW of DIXIE is a quality script, developed from Scott O. Brown’s intriguing concept, that graphically realized, will repay the faith of investors. I am grateful for your support of this aim.”



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