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Artist’s Demo Reel Teases Us With 30 Seconds Of ‘Thief 4’ Goodness

I thought for sure Thief 4 would be announced at E3 last week, so imagine my surprise when the expo came and went without even the slightest of nods toward a game I am so anxiously looking forward to. We know it’s been in development for four years now and has had multiple resumes and various LinkedIn profiles hint at it, but still no word. Now we can add a little extra fuel to that fire with a demo reel from lighting and compositing artist Eric Wong that has 30 glorious seconds of steamy thief-in-the-shadows action.

In the demo reel we have a masked man prepping his composite bow so he can strike from the shadows. It’s all very Thief-like, though sadly, it’s only a CG rendering of what a cinematic in the game could look like. There’s also a chance the footage is from a trailer created in early 2011 that was supposed to be unleashed upon the internet late last year, possibly at the Spike VGAs. I wonder why that never happened?

The reel has since been taken down, but if you’d like to see it for yourself I suggest heading on over to Game Informer to check it out.

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