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Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ Done In 8-Bit Chiptune

It’s interesting to see that for as much as we are pushing forward technologically (I’m looking at you Mac Book Pro Retina, you sexy beast…), there are still those of us who are fascinated with recreating music using the relics of our past. That is exactly what Inverse Phase did with Nine Inch Nails debut album Pretty Hate Machine. Using eight different 8-bit systems, he recreated the entire album in chiptune, a style of music that uses old video game systems, computers, and other outdated electronic hardware to create vintage sounding tones. It’s a really cool take on songs that I’ve heard probably far too many times. Check out the stream below and, if you want to buy the album, you can snag it here!

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  • HOLY CRAP! This is amazing, haha! Every song sounds pretty good as an 8-bit chiptune! I wonder what Trent would think if he heard this…

    It doesn’t really matter to me, but I was just curious: Is it “legal” for this person to sell this?

    • Jonathan Barkan

      Technically, you need to acquire permission for any form of cover if you plan on selling it. However, from what I understand, Trent Reznor gave this an okay. So it should be all kosher.

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