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Scorpion Releasing Dates ‘The Hears,’ ‘Blood of Dracula’s Castle’ And ‘The Day After Halloween For Home Video

On July 24th, Scorpion Releasing, in conjunction with Crown International/Mill Creek, presents The Hears/Blood of Dracula’s Castle. “In The Hears, Jane Hardy (Trish Van Devere), recovering from emotional problems following a difficult divorce, leaves San Francisco for a summer in the country house left to her by her late aunt. On the road, she has an eerie, near-collision with a hearse. Arriving at “the old Martin place”, she discovers it’s been left as it was when her aunt died 30 years before.Dracula’s Castle is “A chilling, blood-curdling tale about a young couple that inherits an old castle, but finds it already inhabited by a crazy butler (John Carradine), as well as Dracula and his sinister henchman, Mango.

Special Features Include: Watch this in “Katarina’s Nightmare Theater” format with our Hostess Katarina Leigh Waters or Play Feature Only. The Hears: Brand New 16×9 widescreen (1.78:1) in HD from the original negatives, for the first time anywhere in the world!, Audio interview with writer Bill Bleich and Original Trailer. Blood of Dracula’s Castle: Brand new 16×9 master (1.78:1) of the version with the werewolf footage! and Kat’s Eyes: On camera interview with John Bud Cardos, conducted by Katarina Leigh Waters

Also on July 24th, Scorpion Releasing, in conjuction with IFM Films, presents The Day After Halloween. “Angela (Sigrid Thornton) is a young hairdresser thrown out of home by her puritanical mother after too many nights out. She quickly falls in with the modeling crowd and does some modeling work herself, and it seems she is being stalked by a mysterious figure driving around in an ice-cream van!” Also known as Snapshot, and directed by award winning director Simon Wincer, now see this Ozploitation film in its original scope format –for the first time anywhere in the world! Special Features: Watch this in “Katarina’s Nightmare Theater” format or Play Feature Only, Brand New 16×9 widescreen (2.35:1) in its correct scope ratio, of the U.S. cut, for the first time anywhere in the world!, International cut Snapshot, in 16 x 9 (1.78:1), Audio commentary with Producer Anthony I. Ginnane moderated by Katarina Leigh Waters, and Alternate title card (The Day After Halloween).



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