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Pour Some Coffee and Sit Back With 15 Retro Reviews

Killing time this weekend? Here are fifteen retro reviews for you to check out, slam, or agree with. Some of these films are hidden gems, others are some of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life (ahem, Deadrise). One, in particular, The Antichrist, contains (what I believe to be) the most bizarre scene ever pulled off in horror history. If you’ve seen this Italian version of The Tempter, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, pour some coffee and sit back – perhaps its time to gape open your eyes and see for yourself…

Removal – a psychological knot for you to untie
Deadrise – an exercise in sleep denial
The Traveler – for horror fans, not Kilmer fans
Stanley – he and rattlesnakes hate whitey
The Driller Killer – one of the greatest VHS covers ever
Carny – Lou Diamond Phillips in a gory SyFy schtick
Deranged – the forefather of slasher films
Horrors of War – wow, really?
Danika – Marissa Tomei insane in the membrane
Albino Farm – incentive for film makers that just about anything you shoot can make it to DVD
The Swarm – the film that dethroned disaster movie king Irwin Allen
The Omen III – Sam Neill as The Antichrist
The Maid – a good go at Eastern horror for those who normally don’t delve into such waters
Scourge – like farts? You’ll love Scourge
The Antichrist (The Tempter) – you haven’t seen them all until you’ve seen this one



  • BabyJaneHudson

    Great idea for a lazy Saturday column. I’ve now got a couple more films to add to my to-see list,as well as some to avoid. I was lucky(?) that in Canada we have the uncut version of Antichrist at our video store. Fucked up, derivative of the Exorcist, but an enjoyable watch all the same – a good balance of cheesiness, gross out imagery and classic Italian visuals.

    • John Marrone

      Uncut is the only way to watch that film. I can not believe they pulled that w(hole) goat scene off. With what they showed, and then implied, it blew my mind! Watch her, as she flicks her tongue in circles, she moves it up to the top and down to the bottom! So glad to hear from someone who has seen it. Its on youtube, uncensored, if anyone gets curious. Other than that – I really dug The Traveler and stand by it, even though its been ripped several new holes by other sites.

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