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‘Wichita’ Psychological Thriller Gives Home To ‘The Shining’

While Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day was originally based on murders in Wichita, Kansas, Stress Less Productions is gearing up for their own indie project that taps into the human psyche.

Matthew Ward will be getting behind the camera for Wichita, which will star Suzy Kaye (Shock-O-Rama, Butterfinger the 13th), Michael Villar (The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse, Siskiyou County), Tyler Garnett and Kevin Flood

We’re told that the film is a psychological horror film about a group of children’s TV writers cooped up in a house in Aspen and their directors creeping descent to insanity. It’s got a taste of The Shining in there.

Shooting is slated for October in Aspen, Colorado. We landed the sales trailer (no footage from movie), watch it inside.



  • I don’t care if it’s not any footage from the movie, a few things about this sales trailer. 1. This looks godawful, 2. Darren Lynn Bousman cannot direct, produce, or write for shit. 3. Stop with the cheap imitations. I don’t know why people continue to see movies like this. You know your getting bar none acting, a paint-by-number script, and you can guess the ending after 10 minutes of the movie. I don’t know why people praise DLB so much. All the Saw sequels sucked, Repo! was just a fail on so many accounts. Never got around to seeing 11-11-11 but with a 14% on RT (or so), looks like I didn’t miss out on much.

  • theodds22

    The poster is the only thing i like with this one. The vid was god awful, good thing this is not part of the movie.

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