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Crazy Looking Poster For ‘Bubba’s Chili Parlour’

Today the UK Frightfest updated their site with a bunch of films playing this year’s fest, one stood out that you might enjoy entitled BUBBA’S CHILI PARLOUR. What could a B-movie nut working at TGI Fridays in downtown Dallas do during his time off? Get his friends and family to appear in homage to the 1970’s Drive-In experiences of his youth, that’s what. Bartender-turned-director Joey Evans put his tips where his mouth was and directed a splatter horror, ensuring grindhouse familiarity remained intact by including fake intermissions and commercials. Bubba runs a respectable chili parlor in rural Texas. Everything is fine until he receives some free government meat. Little does he know this special delivery is tainted with a mutated strain of virulent Mad Cow disease. With infected zombies already on the loose, anyone who tastes his new batch of world famous chili will soon join the army of the undead. Anarchy begins, and the Zombie Lord, a regal, bloody, detached head, begins his reign of terror from the parking lot. A rip-roaring micro-budget gem with heart. Read on for a poster and trailer or click the link for some stills.



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