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Update: A Shocking Discovery in First and Second ‘Halloween II’ Clip!!

Update: beyond the break you’ll also find the second clip from the film, which was teased in the interview posted online yesterday. Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Thom B.’ just posted us over to MSN who has the first official clip from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, which features Brea Grant and Scout Taylor-Compton’s characters making a shocking discovery, before being attacked by Michael Myers (Tyler Mane). Dimension Films puts H2 up against The Final Destination on August 28th. In addition, the film has now officially been rated “R” for “strong brutal bloody violence throughout, terror, disturbing graphic images, language, and some crude sexual content and nudity.” Read on for the video.Video from MSN:

Clip #2 comes courtesy of B-D reader tylerdq14.



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