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Promo Trailer for Religion-Themed ‘Devil’s Creek’

Mohit Ramchandani (producer on The Lost Tribe, The Forgotten Ones and Two Days) checked in with BD to tell us about his forthcoming feature film, Devil’s Creek, which is to be shot in 2010. Beyond the break you’ll find a pretty violent promo for the short film used to pitch the feature he will be helming. It was written, produced, and directed by Mohit Ramchandani. “ It’s a modern day telling of the “Book of Job” (about a man who’s faith in god is tested) but is super intense in it’s execution,” Mohit tels Bloody Disgusting. You can check out the promo by reading on. What do you think?It tells the story of Adam Mathews, a small town preacher, who awakens from an accident on the banks of Devil’s Creek, seriously injured and unable to remember what’s happened to him and his wife,” Mohit adds. “Rescued by a Park Ranger, his wounds are treated at a remote ranger station. After a quick recovery, Adam is questioned by his rescuer about the circumstances surrounding his mysterious brush with death. With more questions than answers, Adam can shed little light on the events which transpired at the Creek. But as Adam discovers a man tied up in the basement of the station and Ranger’s seemingly benign investigation quickly turns into a hostile interrogation, It becomes clear to Adam that Ranger may have been involved not only in his own near death, but in the disappearance of his wife. As he uncovers the truth of what happened to him, Adam’s faith is tested and he ultimately realizes who he is.

Unlike the current batch of horror films today that aim to shock and scare the audience without credible motivation, Devil’s Creek focuses on the emotional journey of the characters in the same way that Rosemary Baby and The Exorcist do, resulting in a much more terrifying experience. At its core it deals with a man who loses his faith in god and regains it at the end as he realizes that in every disaster there lies a seed of grace.

The film stars Adrian Alita, Mo Ramchandani, Christa Mathis and Veteran TV Actor Richard Brestoff.

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