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Where’d You Go? 10 Horror Stars We Want Back!!!

I like me some horror movies and I’m guessing we have that in common since you’re visiting this blog. If you happened to stumble upon us whilst searching for something that was bloody and/or disgusting, sorry to disappoint, but why don’t you hang around for a while. You may even learn a thing or two. For those of us who have spent our lives watching people getting hacked to pieces by the occasional monster, mad scientist, demon, serial killer, or knife glove wielding haunter of dreams, we’ve all experienced our fair share of forgettable teens and the directors who manage them. Sure they can scream and many of them look good on camera, especially in that “let’s get in the freezing lake at night completely nude, naturally, and ignore the feeling we’re being watched from afar” kind of way but that isn’t what makes a memorable icon.

Luckily, there are more than a few stars in the horror industry, veterans who’s names inspire fear, fond memories, or a guaranteed great film. This list honors some individuals that made their mark either by staving off the bad guy in sequel after sequel or giving us an incredibly terrifying baddie in a movie that made us pee ourselves. So why don’t you check out my list of ten horror icons that I want back, then you can scroll on over to the comments section and tell me how much you disagree.

Robert Englund

I never said they had to be missing for long since Englund’s appeared in a myriad of indie horror films recently, instead I want him back as the iconic Freddy Krueger. It’s been seven years since we last saw him dawn the glove in Freddy vs. Jason and with news that Jackie Earle Haley will be taking his place in the upcoming reboot of the legendary franchise, I’m more than a little worried. Don’t get me wrong, Haley did and amazing job as Rorschach in the so-so Watchmen film, and I think he’s an incredible actor. I just can’t picture someone else haunting my dreams, nor do I want to.

Neve Campbell

I’ll admit it, when I first saw Scream at the ripe old age of nine I instantly felt a bond between Neve and I. The way she fought off the seemingly endless supply of killers after her blood while at the same time looking extraordinarily hot was more than enough to keep me completely enthralled in the Scream films. In short, I had a serious crush. If you haven’t heard already the fourth film is in the works with Mrs. Campbell rumored to be reprising her role as Sydney Prescott, as well as taking back her place in my heart.

John Carpenter

One of the masters of horror hasn’t been too active in the industry, possibly because he’s 105 years old (I kid, he’s only 62, but he definitely looks 105). This is the guy we can thanks for some of the best films of all time (in this genre), he gifted us with Halloween, The Fog (kind of like The Mist just more dense), The Thing, and Ghosts of Mars. Wait, scratch that last one. While he’s lent his writing talents to recent remakes of his films like Halloween, Assault on Precinct on 13, and The Fog, he hasn’t taken the Director’s seat for nearly a decade (with the exception of the upcoming film, The Ward). I say they drop Rob Zombie, for I think he’s had his go at the Halloween series, come up with a try-not-to-shit-your-pants-because-this-is-so-amazing script, and Carpenter directs a brand new Halloween film. Will this ever happen? I’m pretty sure its chance of existence is up there with unicorns and world peace but I can always dream, can’t I?

Ruggero Deodato

Haven’t heard of him? Well, he’s a supremely talented and fairly controversial director behind a number of horror films few have heard of with the exception of the 1979 film Cannibal Holocaust. This exploitation film brought with it a ton of controversy and even managed to get Deodato arrested. We haven’t heard from him for almost two decades, though I’m sure some of you horror buffs recognized him as one of the clients in Hostel: Part 2. There is a chance he’ll be showing up again if the currently in limbo film Cannibals, a companion piece to Cannibal Holocaust, ends up getting made. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it.

Tobe Hooper

Alright, I have to get something out of the way before I go on about Mr. Hooper. You may lose any (most likely already non-existent) respect you have for me, but it needs to be told. The Mangler scared me. Actually, to be a little more truthful, it scared the bejeezus out of me leaving me with a few weeks of nightmares. In my defense I was seven years old at the time so I was a good two years away from becoming the horror fiend that I am now. But I digress, other than that awful film he was responsible for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist (one of the first films to turn little girls into terrifying creatures). Lately he’s kept busy with a few films in the Masters of Horror series, but I’d really like to see him do something with a big budget. We all know he has the talent, why can’t someone give him some cash?

Doug Bradley

Haven’t a clue as to who this guy is? And you call yourself a horror expert. Tsk. Mr. Hooper, better known as the Cenobite Pinhead, is one of only three individuals to have portrayed the same bad guy at least six times (next to Tobin Bell and Robert Englund of Jigsaw and Freddy Krueger fame). He’s definitely getting up there in the digits but a little makeup and some Hollywood magic could solve that, and with a possible remake of the original Hellraiser on the way I can’t see anyone else giving Pinhead that creepy as hell look.

Ovidio Assonitis

Even if you had heard of this guy his name is so tongue-tyingly difficult to pronounce (my best guess is it’s something like Oh-vid-ee-oh Ass, insert giggle here, on-eye-tis). While he’s been in the business for over thirty years with films in a plethora of genres outside of horror he did create the fantastic 1974 film Beyond the Door (as well as produced the third film in the series). For the most part he tends to be more of a behind-the-scenes guy but he’s proven himself more than capable of directing a fantastic horror film so I’m very interested in seeing what he could do with today’s technology.

Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins is the type of guy I would reconsider walking up to for an autograph if I were to pass him on the street. I’m not sure if that’s more because of his intellectual demeanor or because I’m not entirely sure whether or not he would make a mid day’s snack of my liver with some fava beans and a nice chiante. What I don’t need to think about is how amazing it would be to see him reprise his role as the terrifying mastermind Hannibal Lecter. His take on Hannibal the Cannibal remains as my favorite role he’s played, and that’s really saying something since he’s done some darn fine work over his career. I don’t see it happening but when it comes to playing an evil genius with a fondness for human flesh, Anthony Hopkins is second to none.

Bernard Rose

Candyman remains as one of my all time favorite horror films not just because I instantly fall in love with whatever Cliver Barker’s sick mind comes up with (the film was based on his short story ‘The Forbidden’). A major reason the movie stays as one of my favorites is because of the intensely disturbing Tony Todd (the Candy Man). I watched it again recently and noticed how new the film looks and feels, it doesn’t feel like an 18 year-old film primarily because trades in a reliance on cheesy special effects with deeply unsettling scenes that manage to look real many years after they’re conceived. Seriously, go and watch it; it’s crazy to think this film is from 1992. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard (or seen) much from Rose other than a trickling of films over the past decade. Hopefully, he’ll decide to come back some time soon and give me another reason to fear dark restrooms.

Peter Jackson

Confused? Are you mulling over the films you know he’s done and can’t find any scary ones? Well, you’d have to look past Hong Kong and the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to the early nineties where you’d eventually find two excellent horror films: The Frighteners and Braindead (otherwise known as Dead Alive). We know Mr. Jackson can keep us on the edge of our seats or laughing hysterically, he can also take us to the verge of tears, and even get us so pumped we’re yelling at the screen. Or maybe that’s just me, but I do tend to over immerse myself in films so that’s entirely possible. He’s dealt with big budgets, huge budgets, and mind-numbingly colossal amounts of money as well and always manages to create something gorgeous, unique, and, most importantly, immensely fun to watch. We want you back Mr. Jackson.

Honorable Mention: Drew Barrymore

I know what you’re thinking, and it probably sounds like: “What the hell is she doing in this list?” Calm down dear reader; allow me to soothe your worries. First off, technically, she didn’t make the list. Second, Barrymore, while not great at choosing the films she’s in, is actually damn talented when it comes to getting killed. Obviously, she was the first to get axed, err, stabbed in the original Scream. She was also in the cult classic Donnie Darko, a movie I consider to be one of the best psychological horror-ish films of the decade, and most likely the only time I’ll ever enjoy watching Jake Gyllenhaal on screen.



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