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Bizarre News From Cannes: Romero Remaking Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ in 3-D

Oh the surprises of Cannes — and this one is a doozy. Get ready for Deep Red in 3D — not by Dario Argento but from zombie icon George A. Romero. Word has it that Romero is in advanced negotiations to helm a completely unnecessary stereoscopic remake in English of Argento’s cult classic. The 1975 masterpiece Deep Red, about a string of supernatural splatter murders, is considered Argento’s gem giallo and the film that established his international standing. Claudio Argento, who is Dario’s brother and regular producer, has penned the screenplay for Romero’s redo. Plan is to start shooting this fall in Canada. Though Dario Argento and George Romero go back a long way — he collaborated with Romero on zombie classic Dawn of the Dead, on which he has producer credit, and they also co-directed Two Evil Eyes in 1990 — Dario Argento will not be involved in Romero’s remake in any guise. This news makes me a little sick to my stomach, you?



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