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Horror In Your House Goes Blu-ray Retro

Welcome to another edition of Tim Anderson’s “Horror In Your House”, which brings you a look at this week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases arriving at a retailer near you. This week you’ll go back in time and grab yourself hi-def releases of the classic Corman flick Death Race 2000 and Troma’s classic Tromeo and Juliet. To see what else arrives in stores, read on.Horror in Your House
June 22, 2010

DEATH RACE 2000 (Blu-ray): Shout Factory (TEX’S PICK OF THE WEEK)

Welcome to the year 2000, now a place plagued by a lack of morals and political unrest. The only thing that society looks forward to is the three-day Transcontinental Death Race, a high-speed competition that is won by the driver who collects the most points by killing spectators and pedestrians.

TEX SAYS: Look it’s a pretty weak week for horror on home video, but if you don’t already own Roger Corman’s classic kick-ass film then you could do worse that picking this bad boy up on blu!


In this red hot action-adventure… Former football star turned convict, Tyler “The Fuse” Draven, discovers in jail that he has the ability to create fire by mere thought alone! Now he’s going to use his new- found power to wreak havoc and get revenge on everyone that’s ever done him wrong… which seems to be the entire world! His deadly skill and fiery temper has Draven bent on a mission of total destruction unless the authorities find a way to stop him!


A collection of three of the early 20th century’s most influential vampire films.

THIRST (2010): First Look

After wrecking their car in the middle of the desert, two couples find themselves stranded with few supplies. When the heat intensifies and their precious water supply dwindles, the frantic friends begin betraying each other in the hopes of survival.

TROMEO & JULIET (Blu-ray): Troma

See Shakespeare the way he was meant to be seen: the Troma way! Directed by Lloyd Kaufman and written by James Gunn, Tromeo & Juliet moves the classic tale of star-crossed lovers from 16th century Verona to a crumbling pre-Giuliani New York, where young Tromeo and Juliet must defy their families’ endless feud in order to be together for eternity.

TEX SAYS: Troma keeps the HD flowing with this release of their killer sex, blood and body piercing take on the classic tale.

WOLF MOON: Lionsgate

Amy, a small-town girl meets and falls in love with Dan, a mysterious drifter. Amy learns that Dan possesses a family curse and the unimaginable horror that was passed on to him by his father, Bender. Dan and Amy’s love is put to the test when town locals unite in the ultimate showdown with Bender to eliminate the terror he has brought to their town.



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