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SD Comic-Con ’10: Could Dexter’s Sister Discover His Secret?

While we have a lot more details forthcoming, here’s a small tid-bit from the San Diego Comic-Con where “Dexter” producers and cast were on hand to talk about the next season of the lovable serial killer. Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) sister Debora, has become a more refined character. She’s grown into a more competent, confident cop, or at least she thinks that she has. And much like every season before, right when you think the brother and sister relationship is getting stronger, the writers find a way to rip it apart. In addition, Carpenter talked a bit about the problem connection because everytime she feels she’s making an emotional connection with her brother, Dexter is busy thinking about his next kill. She feels Debra has all the instincts to figure out what Dexter is doing, and she’s ready to find out. Could this be a clue to where the show is heading? Watch the fifth season this fall on Showtime to find out!Keep up with all of our San Diego Comic-Con happenings by clicking here:



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