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Major Legal Snafu Grounding Los Angeles Alien Battle?

Deadline is reporting that a real battle is brewing between rival aliens-invade-Los Angeles films Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles. Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind the big budget Battle: Los Angeles, is exploring its legal options. At issue: Greg and Colin Strause, the owners of visual effects house Hydraulx, were paid millions of dollars to generate visual effects work for Battle: Los Angeles. But Hydraulx never informed SPE the siblings were directing a VFX-driven rival alien invasion feature that will hit theaters four months before SPE’s March 12, 2011 release. SPE higher-ups only discovered it was in a competition after Universal Pictures released a trailer that showed Los Angeles denizens being vacuumed into the sky by hovering space ships. Click the link for more on this developing story. Skyline hits theaters November 12 (for now).



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