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New Behind-the-Scenes Video from Uni Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights!

There’s still an excruciating 44 days ’til Halloween (Silver Shamrock), but Universal is helping you get your fix on much sooner. Starting September 24th, the two theme parks (located in Hollywood and Orlando) will be transformed into horror-themed meccas, with completely redesigned Nightmare on Elm St and Friday the 13th mazes, plus an all new House of 1000 Corpses maze, which is in 3D (actually called “Zombievision” – so it will make everyone look like a degenerate redneck?) as well. There will also be an original maze called Vampyre (I wish it was based on the 1930s German movie, that would be amazing). The Saw maze, introduced last year, will also return. Check out the exclusive video below for a new look at some of the mazes, and head to the Universal site to order tickets. See you there!



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