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That Was Quick! Behind The Scenes Images From ‘Curse Of Chucky!’

Earlier this morning we gave you the update that the newest entry in the Child’s Play franchise, Curse of Chucky, had officially begun principal photography. And now we have some images from the set in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Curse of Chucky stars Fiona Dourif (The Master, “True Blood,” “Deadwood”), A Martinez (“Longmire,” “General Hospital”), Danielle Bisutti (Get Smart, “CSI: Miami”) and Brennan Elliott (Flight 93, Double Jeopardy). Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings, Dune) once again returns to provide the voice of Chucky, the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who returns to settle some unfinished business. The film is directed by Don Mancini, the Child’s Play franchise creator who has written or co-written each of the previous movies.

In the film, “Nica (Fiona Dourif) is grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs. As the sisters butt heads over Nica’s plans for the future, Barb’s young daughter comforts herself with a grinning, red-haired talking doll named Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) that recently arrived mysteriously in the mail. But as a string of brutal murders begins to terrorize the household, Nica suspects the doll may hold the key to the bloodshed. What she doesn’t know is that Chucky has a personal score to settle. He’s determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.

Head inside for some behind the scenes photos from the set! We have a look at some puppeteers controlling Chucky’s arms and a production notice involving… circus trucks?



  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    I’m up for this.


      No Jennifer Tilly= suck my ass

      • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

        I get that. Bride of Chucky was my favorite.

        • Disturbed_Scorpion

          I agree that Bride was amazing and a great rebirth of the series but when you compare the “Chucky” movies to the “Child’s Play” movies, it’s clear to me that Chucky is always better alone. I am very happy this movie is a sequel though, horror used to be a genre that you could kill you monster and leave them dead for a decade before bringing them back and not have to make a movie with the same plot as the previous movie. That being said, I don’t know if I like the plot, I wish they’d bring back Andy for one last go. Alex Vincent is finally at an age where he could play his character again.

  • Scream118

    Teaser Poster has also been released!!! If you head over to and scroll to the bottom you’ll find it…I personally would like a reboot as well as DTV sequels…just my personal opinion.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Good ol’ animatronics. Screw you, CGI! lol. Can’t wait!

  • Lizard_Brain

    The last one sucked sweaty balls but I have hopes for this… is the remake still happening too?

  • MakeThisAMovies

    I love Bride, and despite being in the minority – Seed of Chucky is one of my all time favorite movies. I love how it used horror conventions to tackle a serious family drama. I actually wrote a paper in school about it: “Seed of Chucky: A Comedic Look on the Serious Matter of Gender Identity Issues”. Lol…I got an ‘A’! It sucks Tilly isn’t involved, but I have full faith in Mancini. I really can’t wait.

  • pumkinheadfan

    Tilly was a breath of fresh air for the series, but judging by the film synapse and the sign in the second pic this is going to be a direct sequel to 3 which I’m up for. I wasn’t a big fan of the idea of a remake except for the expanded parts with Charles Lee Ray (meaning more live action Brad Dourif!) that Don Mancini was eluding to when the whole remake talk a couple years back was being discussed. So who knows if this takes place between 3 and Bride we may get a cameo for Tilly in a flashback or at the end to bridge the series better! here’s hoping for the best!

  • AmazingSpiderMan

    I don’t think it’s necessary to “ignore” Bride and Seed from continuity. Neither are universally hated – Bride was a huge hit, and Seed has a cult following. Probably more of a following than “Child’s Play 3”. I understand not wanting to convolute the story, and going back to the original idea of what “Child’s Play” was all about. That’s exactly what they should do. I just hope they simply don’t mention those other movies, rather than go out of their way and say they never happened. So everything is still canon, but you don’t need to watch the whole series to see this one.

  • MakeThisAMovies

    Also, if you’re a Halloween fan – check out a petition I started to help bring Michael Myers back properly:

    Thanks Guys.

  • VictorCrowley

    Only Chucky type movie I’d want to see at this point would be if they brought Vincent back as Andy, as someone mentioned. I mean afterall, Andy is the first one he revealed his secret to. Shouldn’t change because Chucky’s body keeps getting resurrected.

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