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[OMFG] Read The ‘Prometheus’ Script Before Damon Lindelof Rewrote It!!!

Over the past few weeks I had been on the hunt for a certain screenplay, one that has now leaked online thanks to Scribd.

BY CLICKING HERE you can download and read Jon Spaihts’ “Alien: Engineers,” his original screenplay for Fox’s Alien prequel that was later rewritten by Damon Lindelof as Prometheus, the final product that’s now on home video.

Spaihts, who also penned the garbage The Darkest Hour, is said to had focused on keeping the story within the actual realm of Alien – meaning, you’ll read about facehuggers, chestbursters and all that good stuff.

While I am one of the rare few who actually enjoy Prometheus, I am still dying to see how the original story played out, and why Fox felt the need to bring in Lindelof to mix it up. We’ll report back with a “Script to Scream” soon enough….




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