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[OMFG] Read The ‘Prometheus’ Script Before Damon Lindelof Rewrote It!!!

Over the past few weeks I had been on the hunt for a certain screenplay, one that has now leaked online thanks to Scribd.

BY CLICKING HERE you can download and read Jon Spaihts’ “Alien: Engineers,” his original screenplay for Fox’s Alien prequel that was later rewritten by Damon Lindelof as Prometheus, the final product that’s now on home video.

Spaihts, who also penned the garbage The Darkest Hour, is said to had focused on keeping the story within the actual realm of Alien – meaning, you’ll read about facehuggers, chestbursters and all that good stuff.

While I am one of the rare few who actually enjoy Prometheus, I am still dying to see how the original story played out, and why Fox felt the need to bring in Lindelof to mix it up. We’ll report back with a “Script to Scream” soon enough….



  • Aaron Emery

    Nice, I will be reading this. I enjoyed Prometheus for the most part, it was a brilliantly directed, gorgeous film.

  • rgold

    This just made my day..

  • doomtrain

    one of the rare few who enjoyed prometheus???
    have you seen the ammount of copy’s this movie sold on bluray ?
    and the forum i am a member of has PLENTY of fans lol.
    johns ideas are full of tropes and ”oh no not this again moments” , its a shame that so many people wanted to see the exact same story and sequence of events that started to bog down the later installments of the alien saga , the main reason that resurrection failed imo.
    SO GLAD that scott had the balls to do something new and fresh with the franchise

  • doomas10

    I hated Prometheus. It was such a disappointment and it felt like it was a storm of ideas that were going nowhere. Such a shame 🙁 Off to read the original script now though 😛

    • doomtrain

      im glad you ‘hated’ it lmao 🙂 so your not happy that the plot was to complicated for ”you” and the overall story arc eluded your deep insight . great 🙂

      • djblack1313

        doomtrain, it’s fine if you and other liked the movie but for fuck’s sake get over yourself. the movie had MANY MANY script/story problems and you PROMETHEUS apologists can keep pretending that those of us who didn’t LOVE it and cream our pants over it just weren’t smart enough to get the “deep” story/themes.

        your knee-jerk reaction & putting words in doomas10’s mouth/comment is just pathetic. i didn’t hate PROMETHEUS but it was DEFINITELY a huge disappointment. i wonder how long it will be before you come here and twist what i’m saying to fit your PROMETHEUS jerk off session.

        • Lincoln Hawk

          You nerds make me sick. EVERY movie has plot holes if you overthink it. It’s a movie, it’s not the history of true evolution. Every single goddamn movie you have ever loved in your life has plot holes and shit that will never truly make sense. You’re a huge disappointment to humanity. Fact is, most people aren’t smart enough to get Prometheus and I don’t think Ridley Scott needs to explain everything in the first movie when he’s planning on on a sequel and possibly a trilogy.

          Nerds who have nothing better to do than overthink movie plots….just shut up.

          • flesheater24

            DOn’t eat KFC it gives you the shits. LMFAOOOO.

          • tisbored

            you don’t have to be smart to “get” a shit movie…

          • djblack1313

            Lincoln you have the same erroneous “mind reading” abilities that doomtrain has, just because someone doesn’t like or love this (or ANY!!) movie doesn’t mean we didn’t like or love it because we wanted everything explained to us. the people who have said they didn’t love this movie (including me) never said anything about answers not being revealed to all our questions or even mentioned plot holes but you are confirming that this movie had them by projecting (meaning “mind reading”) these faults that the non-fans never mentioned here, on to our comments. lol.

            i’m happy you guys loved the movie but “fans” like you and doomtrain, who act like you are Rhodes Scholars/MENSA members because you watched an admittedly gorgeously shot movie, with an amazing cast but a shitty script (for the most part), are hilarious.

            in fact you and doomtrain were so hypersensitive to anything unfavorable (nothing was said in the comments here that constitute trolling against the film, it’s just a difference of opinions) said against this movie that is comes across like you KNOW the movie’s script was horrible but can’t accept it. lol.

            now THAT kind of ridiculous behavior truly makes you the “disappointment to humanity”. you need to grow up and realize we all have different likes and dislikes. contrary to your own ego, you’re views aren’t the ONLY ones that count. but have a good day! 🙂

        • doomtrain

          your immaturity says enough lmao 🙂
          relax and enjoy your hair……….

  • K-Dogg

    Favorite movie of the year.

  • insanitormang

    Phew thats one long read.. but I like the picture. Me and my Dad love Prometheus. I grew up on Alien/Aliens and I thought Prometheus tells another side of the story. If I had one complaint it’s that there wasn’t enough extreme gore!

    • morrisseylikesburgers

      There wasn’t much gore in the original Alien, Dingus. Why would you expect it with this?

  • bambi_lives8980

    Awesome, will have to read it. I know this movie could’ve had a better script but I definitely enjoyed what was there. Ah hell while I’m at it…

    To add to the comments about the love/hate of Prometheus audiences… it wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen (no, no that would have to go to Blade Runner..) but it certainly was the best this year, and better than the majority of shit that studios try to pass off to audiences each year. I’ve started to actually lower my expectations for every film that I see, because I don’t think more than three or four movies in the past 3-4 years were absolutely amazing. At least not compared to my favorites from the 70s and 80s. But Prometheus was one film that from the get go I had very high expectations of, and it didn’t fail me on any one element or level. Not many movies do not suffer from at least a few holes or loose ends in the plot, that’s part of a movie (but for the record I think it explained everything quite well).. No movie is particularly epic anymore, but this one was, graphically, character wise, acting (with the exception of two people, the boyfriend of Noomi and one of the annoying team members), music, and story wise. Count me in the love section, I thought it was great.

  • Travis

    I like Lindelof.

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