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Clive Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ Canceled…To Be Reborn?

It is not a good week in hell. First Vertigo gives “Hellblazer” the axe, only to create a way less interesting version of Constantine in the DCU. Now, BOOM! Studios rips out the hearts of horror fans by bringing an end to Clive Barker’s current Hellraiser ongoing. The series has been a favorite of the BD staff for quite some time, and there’s no real explanation as to why it’s getting canceled…I had to find out via Bleeding Cool. The book ends with issue #20 this month.

UPDATE: BOOM! Studios just sent out a teaser for more “Hellraiser”. Looks like the jig isn’t up.

Along with the final issue of the ongoing this month, Brandon Seifert’s miniseries “The Road Below” will come to a close in January. However, Bleeding Cool reports that the publisher will be relaunching the series in some way, so perhaps it is not the end for our Cenobite friends.



  • bambi_lives8980

    Dude what the fuck I love this series! I’m so fucking pissed about this… I guess it has to do with Boom! studios not making enough money, as other series’ were cancelled too. And I thought the only way this series would die would be if the storyline just ended or Barker’s health deteriorated more to where he couldn’t write anymore. The series is really good and follows Kirsty Cotton’s story as well as having alot to do with The Hellbound Heart and shit that wasn’t gone into in the first Hellraiser movie. Shit man, one of the few comics that I actually still run out and buy getting cancelled, that’s just great…

    • Lonmonster

      I feel ya, I love this book too. I still have no idea what the reboot entails, so there’s still some hope.

  • ScarecrowX

    Not surprised. This comic has been so directionless. No characterisation and stuff happening for the sake of it. Cliche military types, a giant Space Pinhead Ghost thing and an awful retcon of Elliot’s character. Feels like Michael bay’s Hellraiser half the time. Started off so well before the writer changes…

  • Canucklehead

    Well said, things just got too ridiculous with the main book but I did enjoy the first issue of Road Below

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