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BOOM! Studios Announces ‘Hellraiser: Dark Watch’ With A Teaser

Earlier today we reported that the current Clive Barker Hellraiser ongoing was canned. Well, apparently not so much. BOOM! Studios just sent out a new teaser image for “Hellraiser”, the file name of which was Hellraiser_DarkWatch. The teaser reads, “The Pinheads will finally meet…in hell,” which leads me to believe the series is not in fact over, but continuing strong. Absolutely no word as to who will be writing and illustrating the series. Check out the colorful teaser below.



  • ScarecrowX

    Not surprised. This comic has been so directionless. No characterisation and stuff happening for the sake of it. Cliche military types, a giant Space Pinhead Ghost thing and an awful retcon of Elliot’s character. Feels like Michael bay’s Hellraiser half the time. Started off so well before the writer changes…

    • ScarecrowX

      Weird, this was meant for the other article. Either way hope this improves. Road Below was actually good!

      • Lonmonster

        I’ve been enjoying the series, but I do hope they make some necessary changes. Loved Road Below.

      • Boogie138

        road below is sweet. hellraiser deserves another good movie tho lol

        • JorgeSolis

          Hellraiser deserves a reboot or something.

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