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David Cronenberg Talks About What His New ‘The Fly’ Would Have Been Like

A little over a year ago it was revealed that Fox had ultimately decided not to move forward with David Cronenberg‘s proposed revisitation of The Fly.

At that time he didn’t seem all that into giving specifics on the project, offering only, “I wrote a script and at the moment Fox is not wanting to do the project.

Now he’s opened up a bit more to The Playlist about the aborted project stating, ““It wasn’t really a remake, it was more of a sequel or a sidebar. It was a meditation on fly-ness. None of the same characters or anything and, of course, with an understanding of modern technology. It was something I was very pleased with and it was a disappointment not to get it made… Again it was a budget problem, basically.

Too bad! We’ve seen projects come back from the dead before, but obviously it looks dire. Would you guys have been interested in this movie? Or was the 1986 masterpiece enough for you?




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