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Classic ‘In Search of… The Complete Series’ Gets Home Video Release!

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Entering our galaxy for the first time in any home entertainment format is In Search of… The Complete Series, which is now available in a special DVD collector’s set from Visual Entertainment!

Hosted by the iconic, Emmy Award-winning Leonard Nimoy (“Star Trek”), this popular, documentary television series (1976-1982) traversed the globe with a team of researchers, scientists and highly skilled technicians to conduct in-depth investigations of a wide variety of mysteries and to explore the unexplained.

So popular, it spawned six books, In Search of … took a fresh look at such controversial and mystifying topics as the paranormal; witchcraft, notorious murders; infamous cults; conspiracy theories; missing persons, cities and ships; naturally occurring phenomena; scientific breakthroughs; age-old myths; the lore surrounding historical events and figures; and the downright peculiar!

From the rumored existence of Nazi plunder to the real-life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes to tracking the Loch Ness monster to reincarnation to UFO cover ups (and much more!), it’s an entertaining romp that no sci-fi fan, mystery enthusiast, scientific devotee or history buff will want to miss!

INCLUDES: 152 episodes on 21 discs (approx. 63+ hours). BONUS: Two Rod Serling-hosted specials, which aired prior to the start of the Nimoy-hosted series; and the re-launched 2002 series (eight hour-long episodes) hosted by Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files).

  • STRIK9

    Damn,I’d love to get this set.This shit probably cost some big paper though.