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We Can File This One Under “Creepiest Guitar That Never Needed To Exist”

This is a pretty old story (the earliest post I can find is 2006) but, for some reason, it’s making its way around again. And since it’s so…belch, I can’t help but make a post about it. You see, Lou Reimuller (a.k.a. Sunset Lou), who is a luthier, musician, collector, and much more, has created what is perhaps one of the creepiest guitars on the planet: the “Girl Guitar”. It’s name doesn’t really do it justice until you see the abomination (which is below).

The guitar is a mannequin with a guitar neck attached underneath the “breast” and pick ups installed in the “stomach” (Single coils? Really?). The output jack is located on the back, above the “derriere”.

Now, the fact that the guitar is on a mannequin is unsettling enough. However, it’s the fact that Sunset Lou obviously played dress up with the mannequin that is truly skin-crawling. Also, why do the outfits make “her” look like a 15-year old? GROSS!

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