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[SXSW ’13] Dubstep Will Drive You Mad In ‘Snap’ Trailer Premiere!

Marking its 20th Anniversary, the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival kicks off this Thursday, March 8 and runs through March 16, 2013 in Austin, Texas. They’ve announced 109 of the features that will screen over the course of nine days at SXSW 2013.

EW premiered the festival trailer for Youssef Delara and Victor Teran’s Snap, starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed (Twilight, Thirteen), Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Scott Bakula, and Jason Priestley.

Jim is a painfully shy, socially awkward music savant whose inner demons get stirred up when he develops an obsession with Wendy, a young clinical social worker, who is drawn to Jim by her naïve desire to save people. His fixation grows more menacing after she rejects his romantic advances and Wendy is forced to seek out the counsel of her mentor, Kevin. Together they attempt to unravel the secrets of Jim’s inner torment before it spirals out of control. A raw psychological thriller set in the underground world of dubstep DJ scene, SNAP takes us on a dark and terrifying journey into the depths of the psychopathic mind as it threatens to explode into horrific violence.



  • Aaron Emery

    I kind of liked that trailer!

  • Kunt

    This doesn’t look very good… how come Twilight boosted the careers of Kristen and Robert but Nikki keeps doing these crappy flicks? She is SUPER talented… Thirteen is one of my favorite movies ever, she should write another movie and show everyone how good she is… oh well, maybe she’ll have better luck with her singing career

    • flesheater24

      I agree. Like thirteen was awesome it was so damn good. I have’nt seen it in years but I am sure it still kicks ass. She should write another movie.

  • flesheater24

    That looked like every other film of its genre expect it has dubstep. It’ll be cool if the dubstep makes them crazy and kill each other, and then you see the end with the news showing everyone goes crazy for listening to it almost like the signal. But I’ll give it a shot on netflix streaming.

  • evenscarier

    The Dekker/Hoffman scenes scream Fight Club to me. I’ll watch for this one on Netflix too.

  • Baphomitt


  • dirtyghettok

    Loooooovvvve dubstep. So I hope it keeps its intensity with a drop similar to ‘Requeim for a dream’.

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