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A Pretty Terrible Music Video For KMFDM’s “I Heart Not” Has Been Released

UPDATE: The video is not official and was made without the band’s input.

According to a post on the KMFDM official Facebook page, a video for “I Heart Not” has been released and can be seen below. The song comes from the band’s latest release Kunst. The video is a poorly shot revenge tale of a woman who stalks and ultimately confronts her ex-lover and her new boyfriend. Complete with an MS Paint heart and filmed on what appears to be a cheap smartphone or a Kmart point-and-shoot. Honestly, it’s a pretty terrible video. Give it a view below and let me know what you think about it.

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  • BootlegDeath

    A few things: First off, this video IS official. Sure, it WAS made by a fan without the band’s input, but I was given permission to make this video from Sascha himself and it was in fact released as the “official” video. 2nd: “Kmart” camera? Please! This was shot by a professional cinematographer with several different studio grade HD cameras. Each shot is perfectly framed and the quality is as high as it gets. Not sure why you think this is so poorly shot. Maybe try watching it in HD?? And lastly, if you could be more specific as to what makes this a “pretty terrible video” that would be great. Because right now it’s just your opinion with no facts to back it up. The acting is stellar, the editing is fine, the quality is full HD and the story fits the song. Sure, this isn’t your typical “flashy” MTV style music video, but is it so bad to do something different for once? Thanks for the publicity atleast, but your article is full of flaws.

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