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[BD Review] ‘Stitches’ Is Destined To Be A Cult Classic!!

Fantastic Films and MPI Media Group (Hatchet II, Stakeland, The Innkeepers)’s horror comedy Stitches, directed by Conor McMahon, is currently out on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD – and I certainly recommend it! So I’m taking the time to re-post Mr. Disgusting’s review to remind you of the film’s potential!

And while the filmmakers let the good times roll, when its time to get to business, they f*cking deliver. Stitches is a relentless and brutal slasher that’s not only ultra violent, but also off-the-wall gory. But the icing in the ice cream cake is how original the death scenes are taking the genre to an entirely new level (think Killer Klownz weird).

You can read his review in its entirety by clicking here. And don’t forget to write your own to tell all of Bloody what YOU think.




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