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[Boredom Bytes] Learn All About Your Favorite Horror Games In A Minute

Welcome to a very educational edition of Boredom Bytes! Today we’re going to learn about some of our favorite horror games — including Dead Space, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil — in under a minute, courtesy of the well-informed lads at Lore In A Minute. If you’ve ever tried untangling the bizarre web of plots, characters and sub-plots that makes up the Silent Hill series, or found yourself wondering what the USG Ishimura is, these videos will get you nice and caught up!

First up, Dead Space.

I’m surprised they were able to wrap up Silent Hill in a minute, so kudos for that.

Personally, I could describe the plot of Left 4 Dead in about five seconds: lots of zombies, kill, kill, kill. Yeah, that just about covers it.

I really enjoy the plots of the earlier Resident Evils. They were simple. Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation were the easily identifiable bad guys, and your goal was to survive the ugly things they throw at you. Now, we have games like Resident Evil 6 that tries to weave four unbelievable story-lines from multiple characters and perspectives that basically spans the entire globe. Ada just happened to be standing on a train as Leon crashed a 747 into China? Even my eight year-old cousin called that one out.

For more video game lore, check out their Youtube channel.

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