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Heads Will Roll In These New Screens From Techland’s Horror RPG ‘Hellraid’

Last month the makers of Dead Island revealed their next game, an action horror RPG called Hellraid. Silly title aside, it looks promising. Techland has proven adept at giving us quality games with visceral and mostly satisfying first person melee combat, and that seems to be at least a moderately important aspect of this game.

Hellraid will bring with it a bevy of character classes that should be familiar to RPG fans — warrior, mage, paladin, and rogue — as well as a challenging campaign that can be played alone or cooperatively, and an online multiplayer mode that they’re being quiet about right now. Check it out after the break.

Hellraid still has a nebulous release window of 2013. Maybe they’ll give us something a little more solid at E3 next month. It’s exclusive to current-gen consoles (360, PS3 and PC), but they have another project that will tackle the next generation of consoles — an intriguing horror game called Dying Light.

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