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Someone’s Figured Out How Much The ‘Resident Evil’ Spencer Mansion Is Worth

Movoto, a real estate blog, has taken it upon themselves to figure out just how much the Spencer mansion — the mansion the original Resident Evil took place in — is worth. How exactly does one go about deciding the value of a mansion located in the fictional Arklay Forest, just outside of the fictional town of Raccoon City? By measuring every room in the in-game mansion to find its square footage and comparing that to the price of a real-world location, of course! Find out how much the mansion is worth after the jump.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s really cool that they did this. I want the mansion! XD

  • godless

    Wow, I used to live about 30 minutes from Springfield. I played the first resident evil in Missouri too, odd coincidence .Maybe the umbrella corporation tattoo I have is more relevant then I thought…

  • Oriol

    Very nice article Adam. By the way…what type of font do you use in this article? Thx

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