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Microsoft Answers Our Lingering Questions About The Xbox One

Ready for some bad news? Good, because if you’re planning on getting and Xbox One, I have lots of it.

Seeing the near-unanimous confusion surrounding their next console, Microsoft decided to clarify their position on trading in used games, loaning games to friends, the always-on Kinect and the Xbox One’s required Internet connection. Sounds good, right? From a PR perspective, yes. Because now we know. Unfortuantely, the news is essentially all bad.

Let’s start this off with the bad news.

On the subject of whether or not the Xbox One will support used games sales, the answer is a “probably not.” Microsoft has decided to put this decision into the capable hands of video game publishers, who will decide whether or not their games can be traded in. It’s worth mentioning that of the group of people who are very much against the selling of used games — because they don’t make any money off them — publishers make up about 90% of them.

That “required Internet connection?” That’s confirmed. Every 24 hours the Xbox One will need to connect to the Internet for you to be able to continue using it to play games. For those of you in the military or traveling abroad, Microsoft has bigger things to worry about. Like, say, the possibility that their servers get hacked or go offline — this happened to Sony last year, resulting in over a month of downtime — which will quickly transform every Xbox One into a pricey paperweight.

How about loaning games? Sure, you can totally do that, so long as you don’t mind a few restrictions. Microsoft is still “exploring the possibilities” with their partners, but they have confirmed this feature won’t be available at launch. With that said, there will be something called an Xbox One “Family” where you can share all your content among ten people.

The good news?

Well, you can turn the Kinect off.

The Xbox 360 has, in my opinion, won this console generation. I love everything about it, outside of its awful dashboard. This makes all of the above news especially difficult to see, because it’s the very definition of anti-consumer. As of right now, the Xbox One is only barely on my radar as a potential future purchase.

For as bummed out as I am, Francis is like, crazy pissed.

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  • EvilHead1981

    Microsoft really isn’t winning me over. They kinda reworded already known things slightly different to make it seem like, “No, it’s not what YOU think! It’s really THIS… hehehe…”. I keep on thinking of that interview with Vanilla Ice when he tried to convince the reporter than the bass to Ice Ice Baby was DIFFERENT than Under Pressure. “See, it’s not the same!”. Dude, it IS the same!!! Doesn’t help that Microsoft employs a bunch of asshats. Ron Berry, the new Adam Orth, could use a dose of PR training. What’s with these unprofessional “professionals”? Is it part of the who “modern gen” thing, where so-called professionals act like they are entitled to do whatever the hell they want and are free to get away with it? That type of attitude sickens me. Maybe I’m old fashioned… no, I’m not. Fuck those fucking pieces of shit. They’d do anything to stroke MS’s nutsack.

  • SkullBunnie

    Looks like DRM will be the death of the Digital Movie as well as the console for Microsoft…and Im an xbox fan boy…still probably wont buy an ps4 though.

  • KingJamesRichard

    PS4 FTW!!!!

  • Nothing333

    Just wait until PS4 finally fesses up on its DRM details, which I completely expect to echo Xbox One’s to the letter.

    • Adam Dodd

      Yeah, that’s entirely possible. Sony has been mum about the situation, so there’s every chance they’ll do the exact same thing.

      • huntermc

        This is Sony’s opportunity to win over the fan community by doing the exact opposite of MS. But you know that will never happen – their DRM will be just as harsh and obtrusive as the Xbox.

        • Adam Dodd

          I really hope you’re wrong, but I have a feeling you’re spot on.

  • dirtyghettok

    Personally, rules and laws have always been in the grey area for me. So I’ll just say this, there’s ways around the whole used/borrowed game issues already. Just as you can mod whatever console games you have to play whatever console games you want,, you’ll be able to do the same here. For those hardcore gamers like above, (Seriously, lay off the twinkies and exercise at least a little bit.) this won’t be an issue. Well, in between crying spells I guess.. But I’ll agree the whole 24 hour internet connection is harsh. A lot of people still can’t afford monthly internet service and save up awhile just to get a console they want.

  • huntermc

    Both Sony and MS are soooo worried about used games and piracy that they’re going to screw all of their legitimate customers in the process. If this is the kind of draconian DRM they’re going to have, I have minimal interest in either console until someone finds a way to hack them.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I just can’t wait for E3 to get here to see if Sony’s going to do the same thing or not. I really hope they don’t.

    • divisionbell

      Me too. Hopefully Sony can take this in the right direction and beat MS. Otherwise I’m done with console gaming.

  • macguffin54

    Am I the only one thinking this guy is Cartman in 30 years?

  • EvilHead1981

    If Sony does this type of shit, I’m out of the console market. Seriously.

    It kinda makes you wonder, because sure piracy is a bad thing, but not every gamer is a pirate. Also, use games tend to sell simply because the recession has hit the majority of us pretty bad and not everybody wants to spend $60 on something that might as well be crap(because face it, a LOT of games, despite being AAA, are as disposable as crap like the Scary Movie franchise and any or all Michael Bay’s efforts). In all seriousness, you want people to pay full price for a game, MAKE THE FUCKIN GAME GOOOOOOOD!

    I just can’t see the modern day logic behind this. People pay you money for a service you provide. You create a product, and if it’s GOOD, they’ll want to come back for more. That’s the hook. If you create a bad product, why should they come back? Here’s where a few choice publishers can actually use this situation to their advantage to say, “Hey, we aren’t like EA, Ubisoft or Activision! We care about what the consumer wants and we’ll defend you guys!”(if you become loyal to US). Here’s the PERFECT opportunity for Sony and some publishers to play “white knight” and gain the admiration from the gaming community. It’s done in politics ALL THE TIME and it WORKS. All it will take is Sony to say, “Yeah, we aren’t doing what Microsoft is doing. You can buy used games and trade them, or even borrow your friend’s games… no fees, no charge!”, and a list of publishers coming out and saying, “Yeah, we aren’t going to stiff you like those other assholes!” and watch the consumers’ hearts melt like butter!

  • misskreuger

    I really hope Sony doesn’t follow in their footsteps. My fingers will be crossed.

  • DerTodesQueen1

    I can’t agree with this guy more. I can’t believe this bullshit about the xbox one. Whats wrong with the fucking 360. I love it the way it is! Goddamn why couldn’t they have just updated some shit andkept it basically the same? Oh hell no. Now we’ve got to buy it pre packaged with a fucking Shitty ass kinect that definitely sucks (I have one, gave to daughter asap) and I just don’t know about this signing on every twenty four hours and alway son connection. E3 better have some pretty good goddamn surprises for me to consider this. I’m happy with my 360. When the One comes out, will they still keep making games for the 360? More importantly, will I be able to purchase the new Call of Duty Ghosts for the 360?

  • DerTodesQueen1

    Thank god for the steam box that maybe coming out someday. I’ve already got steam on this computer and the graphics and pretty much overall EVERYTHING is better on PC. Just hook up my xbox controller and bam. As far as consoles goes, that would be a slam dunk.

  • TwistedCritic

    Judging from that video I’m not sure Francis will be alive by the time this thing comes out anyway.

  • Canucklehead

    MS can suck my balls and if Sorny does the same thing then they can do the same thing. Products should adapt to what their customers want not the other way round.

  • flesheater24

    I don’t understand why microsoft went full on retard here. Like they fucked up everything perfect. I’m holding onto my 360. How come Apple Never got into the game market ? they prob would create a sick ass game system.

  • flesheater24

    OMFG that video made my night that guy is my favorite.

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